"FLUID KEEPER": management system for fluids

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  1. Feeder/current regulator 230 V - 24 Vdc for electronic unit. It’s necessary 1 feeder for each electronic unit.

  2. A thermal printer (optional) can be connected to the control unit CAN bus to print a report of each batch dispensed.

  3. Junction box for connecting pulsemeter to control unit.
    1 box for each electronic control unit.

  4. Meter with single-channel pulse transmitter and 24 Vdc solenoid valve. It is connected close to every single fluid dispensing point.

  5. Electronic control-unit with keypad and display for FLUID KEEPER system. 1 control-unit for every 4 fluid dispensing point.

  6. Configuration of FLUID KEEPER for 4 dispensing points.

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