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  1. DOSAMIX - Wall-mounted bracket

  2. DOSAMIX - Power supply/transformer 230V /12V

  3. Feeder/current regulator 230 V - 24 Vdc for electronic unit. It’s necessary 1 feeder for each electronic unit.

  4. A thermal printer (optional) can be connected to the control unit CAN bus to print a report of each batch dispensed.

  5. Junction box for connecting pulsemeter to control unit.
    1 box for each electronic control unit.

  6. Meter with single-channel pulse transmitter and 24 Vdc solenoid valve. It is connected close to every single fluid dispensing point.

  7. Electronic control-unit with keypad and display for FLUID KEEPER system. 1 control-unit for every 4 fluid dispensing point.

  8. Configuration of FLUID KEEPER for 4 dispensing points.

  9. “DIESEL PLUS”: electronic dispensing controller



  10. “DOSAMIX”:
    Automatic proportional mixing and dosing control unit for anti-freeze, lubricating oil and emulsions. The system is based on proportional dosing controlled by the solenoid valves of the two fluids to be mixed, the flow of which is recorded by two flow meters that emit pulses, which are duly processed by the electronic control unit to maintain constant balance between the set percentages.
    Il kit DOSAMIX è composto da:
    •  Centralina di miscelazione mod. 5000;
    •  Staffa di fissaggio a parete mod. 5004;
    •  Alimentatore/Trasformatore 230V /12V mod. 5005;
    •  Pompa pneumatica mod. 31247.
    Il Kit è adatto a miscelare un fluido con acqua con concentrazioni del fluido da 1% a 50%.


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10 Item(s)

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