31235 TWDE

Air-operated oil double acting pumps. Compression ratio 5:1.


31235 TWDE

Alimentazione-Aria Compressa/Feeding-Compressed Air

Min. 2 Max. 8 bar

Rapporto di compressione/Compression ratio


Pressione uscita/Output pressure

40 bar

Portata/Flow rate

22 l/min

Attacco aria compressa/Air connection

F 3/8" BSP

Attacco uscita prodotto/Fluid connection

M 1/2” BSP

Lunghezza pompante/Pumping assy length

950 mm

Diametro pompante/Pumping diameter

40 mm

Per fusti da/For drum capacity

208 l


5.7 kg


95 x 95 x 1270

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